Getting blamed for something i didnt do

Well I’m going to start this odd with happy hump day everyone. Here’s the start of getting  blamed for something I didn’t  do let’s go back a few months back when I was working in a department  that was still going on. I had someone everyday come over and give me crap cuz something out of my control was wrong and next day same thing. I told some people that this person was giving me crap. Well I thought I got away from this person and now it’s in nother department. Coming over and giving me crap. And mind you this person is not my boss. Now it got to some hire ups and now my job is on the line is this right? Need feedback



What do you think?

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  1. This is all a bit vague. You would need to give some more detail before anyone can judge where the rights and wrongs of this lie. If you are really sure that you are being unjustly treated, why not talk to your union rep?

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