Get to Know These New Programmatic Advertising Platforms

As programmatic advertising has made its way into the marketing world, the entire approach has changed to accommodate the new player. What used to be the tedious process of finding ad space, negotiating with publishers, and collecting data for analysis, has suddenly turned into a simple process.

Today, programmatic advertising has made its way into virtually every company’s marketing campaign. In order to take full advantage of the process, it’s important to choose the right programmatic advertising platform.

The choice may depend on the way you run your marketing campaign as well as its needs and requirements. Before we share a list of new programmatic advertising platforms, we would like to say a few words about choosing the best one.

How To Choose A Programmatic Advertising Platform

Here are a few things a top-notch programmatic advertising platform should provide the user.

1. Outreach

The number of websites selling ad space is huge. However, most programmatic advertising platforms only work with the largest ones. In order to achieve the best results with programmatic advertising, it’s important for the platform to have sizeable outreach.

2. Efficiency

The programmatic advertising platforms are still relatively new in the marketing realm. Not all of them are as efficient as the client wants. Small bugs lead to wasted time and unfortunate mistakes.

These platforms can be rather slow, especially for marketers, who are used to working with Google AdWords and similar tools.

The newest programmatic advertising platforms are more likely to be more optimized than their older counterparts. So it’s important to look at both reviews and the founding date.

3. Support

Each programmatic advertising platform should have high-quality support. New companies are looking for technical support to set up their campaigns. Experienced marketers need tech assistance at deeper levels.

Regular updates and quick support response times are a must-have for a marketing team, which is looking for quick results.

4 New Programmatic Advertising Platforms To Consider

We’ve made a list of new programmatic ad platforms and DSPs to consider for your marketing efforts.

1. Kedet

Kedet is one of the newest omnichannel programmatic advertising platforms. This platform has one of the broadest reaches on the market, allowing you to place your ads in the most demanded spots on the web. It provides real-time reporting and comes at a reasonable price.

The platform has an easy UI, works at a high speed, and offer numerous useful options for both beginners and experienced advertisers.

2. RocketFuel

RocketFuel is one of the most popular programmatic advertising platforms. It has an easy to use interface, which allows the marketer to complete the majority of tasks in just a few clicks. The platform helps companies to reach the audience through multiple channels and media.

The platform offers a panoramic view of the campaign. It allows controlling costs without the involvement of a third party. The data gathering options give the advertisers an opportunity to make a predictive analysis.

3. SmartyAds

This platform is an excellent choice for both advertisers and publishers. Buyers get access to a high-quality self-serve demand-side platform, which allows real-time campaign monitoring. The client has full control of the list of publishers, can configure time targeting and regulate the campaign budget.

With SmartyAds, it’s possible to run multiple ad campaigns and control them from one dashboard. It offers predictive programmatic analytics tool to process data in a matter of seconds and receive actionable campaign insights.

4. Active Revenue

Active Revenue is a highly versatile self-serve demand-side platform. It offers a wide variety of targeting options, has an excellent UI, and a reasonable pricing plan. The user can choose the browser most demanded by the target audience, use geo-targeting, keyword targeting, and much more.

The platform is designed to be suitable for all types of companies, from startups to enterprises.

All of the above platforms can become irreplaceable assistants for your marketing campaign. Take the time to choose the one that suits your needs the most by comparing the key features and pricing.

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