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Politics is used to create emotional and nonrational decisions. It doesn’t really matter if it is good or bad, it just needs to hold the spotlight. It is all about getting attention. When a politician says something controversial, whether the politician meant it as a joke, was just drawing attention, or was trying to create chaos, or believes it, no one can prove.

There is not much about politics that I find helpful. People will do whatever it takes to get money and power.  Some politicians at least have some desire to serve the people,  keep the constitution intact, and don’t believe that all the cows must be slaughtered because they “pass too much gas”. Those kinds of people are floating to the top of my voting list. 

If you are not a legal citizen and you don’t live here, you don’t have a horse in the race. (If you need further explanation I will be happy to explain.)

For me, it is a terrifying time. I am prepared to pack up and move to a safe place if push comes to shove. I have to laugh because being afraid and buying the hype isn’t good for anyone. I will proudly fight for what I believe is right, politics asside.


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