Genzano Infiorata: FESTIVAL flower carpets, Italy

Genzano Infiorata: FESTIVAL flower carpets, Italy

 Genzano Infiorata flower festival which is held every June in the small town of Genzano in Italy, whose tradition started back in 1778. Since then, local artists cover the whole street with beautiful floral carpets inspired famous works of art, religious images or geometric shapes. Each year, the festival has a new theme to which artists oriented, so for example one year, all in the style of Michelangelo colors, while the other in the spirit of Bernini’s design. The festival begins with the harvest of millions of flowers for 2-3 days before the main event. The flowers are then stored in cold caves around Genzana before you take the artists to create their masterpieces, which will be unveiled at Saturday’s parade. Flower mats remain on the road for two days,


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