How Gavin Got To Be Alone – 13

Gavin sits upon the bed, looking at nothing. He is alone. He couldn’t fathom how he went from someone surrounded by friends and family to this isolation.

As a child he grew up with Grandma, when his mother and father divorced. He developed a resentment towards them; or was that resentment inserted?

Looking at his life he saw himself not as the rock but a leaf blown about by the wind.  A leaf who was was manipulated.

He thought of his marriage; the wedding on a Caribbean island. His father, not invited. His brother, not invited, his sister declining to come, and the biggest stranger, his mother arriving and being treated as excess baggage.

He recalled Deja’s mother and father. They had divorced as long as his parents had, yet she had them both there. Plus her sister, plus her cousin….

His brother, Stan,  wasn’t there because he felt that Gavin and Deja cheated him out of the house.  The house Grandma left to them. Left to them, but Deja had him buy the house behind Stan’s back.


There was that mistake.


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Written by jaylar

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