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Funny Feelings

Ages ago when I split from my first husband Walter, who was 20 years my senior I remained good friends with his sister and her daughter. We communicated over the years. I also had a good relationship with his first wife Lilita who was not happy when he married a third time and his third wife informed everyone that past friends and relations were not to communicate with Walter anymore.

Years went by and of course, I was happily settled in Riga, Latvia with my soul mate Martin when we heard that Walter and his present wife Ilma were going to settle in Latvia in a town called Iecava. It would have been great is all of us could have had a friendship but of course, with Ilma it was impossible and all she wanted was to be with him and her relatives.

Rolling away the rest of the years when my love Martin died I thought to myself how ironic it was that he was gone but my first husband was still around. Of course, life is funny that way sometimes. I returned to the US and whenever I spoke to my friends Sylvia and Monica they let me know how things were with Walter as his age advanced. It was lucky for them that he was able to visit them each year for a short while in NYC and especially on his birthday on September 19, 2019, because after he had returned home he fell ill, and on October 28th he died in a hospital in Iecava.

Before that, on October 13th his first wife Lilita, who had remained a dear friend to me, died in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her present friend with whom she shared a 20-year relationship has now had her cremated and is walking and driving around with her urn because he cannot say goodbye. 

That explains everything about my funny feelings and isn’t life strange that way? And I might also mention that now Walter is once again reunited with his first wife in the heavens above. 

That is a photo of me and Martin in Riga, Latvia.


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