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Four Good Samaritans save three people and a dog in Durham N C

Mark Constant and three other assistants who were with him are being called heroes after they did their part to assist a mom who had trouble with a flat tire that was stuck in ditch near a railroad crossing in Durham North Carolina.

The name of the woman driver was not identified nor her two children as well as their family dog had the misfortune of being hit by a truck that caused her auto to have a flat tire.

Mark with the assistance of his three companions were able to get the woman driver and her two children out of the auto when their attempt to get the auto out of the ditch was interrupted by the sounds of the railroad traffic bells that a train was coming in their direction in a short time.Usually when the bells are ringing on a railroad  traffic crossing signal the time when the train is about to approach the road crossing the tracks is about ten minutes depending on the area where the  train crosses the road around the world.

Since all trains cannot stop on a dime when they approach an intersection of a road, Mark realized that the safety of the woman and her two children came first and Mark and his assistants were able to get the trio out of the auto before the train would likely strike the auto.

After the initial mission to get the trio out of the auto was complete, Mark realized that the dog was still inside the auto. Mark hustled to get the dog out of the auto in the nick of time before the train would strike the auto.

Despite the damage to the auto after the train struck the auto, no one was hurt in the auto and train collision.

What makes Mark an amazing hero is that he is not a glory hog since he wants city officials to know that thanks to three of his companions, three people and a dog are safe and sound.

The rule of life is that material items like autos can be replaced. The loss of life is not able to replaced at any cost.

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