For the people who are gossiping about me Publicly in a Private Group: It is so nice when people are talking behind your back, I heard it's called "bullying"…….

It’s in a “private group” so “it’s ok then”… It, of course, “doesn’t matter” it’s bullying…..

I will just say that I posted a comment in another user’s post exposing Kim’s lies about that user (by posting the Private Messages she sent me 3 months ago as a reply to my Message about that user to her, while she was pretending to like that user Publicly all the time) after she said some bad things about me and my posts PUBLICLY while she was pretending to be a friend before that. I didn’t even know the comment was posted since there was a trouble loading it so I changed my mind and I actually decided not to do it…

After that I learned that she called me a “FILTHY PERSON” in a Virily Users Facebook Group, while I didn’t even know the comment was actually posted – loaded so I thought it was done for some other, to me UNKNOWN REASONS, so I sent her a Private Message she posted below “thanking her” and Blocked her right after that so I wasn’t asking for her answer nor I planned to continue any conversation with her.

After that I saw my comment was actually posted – loaded…!

Since she posted another post in that group about the message I sent her by COPY-PASTING IT, I Unblocked her ONLY TO SAY I learned about what she is doing in the group by copy-pasting my messages and I sent her 5 more MESSAGES OVERALL, while she claims I was doing that “ON, AND ON, AND ON…………….” and that “I WON’T STOP”! – I stopped, 3 DAYS AGO, AND BLOCKED HER AFTER THAT AGAIN!

In the messages I sent her I said what she copy-pasted in 2 of her posts below – I expressed my shock that she called me a “FILTHY PERSON” and I said that she can freely copy-paste my messages, that the next ones will be what she was saying about me publicly – which I reported btw – while I didn’t even send them!, and that I’m “wondering” why she didn’t copy-paste the messages she was sending me about that user…

That’s it.

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  1. PS Kim, you are not of my interest to “stalk you”, I didn’t know reading other people’s posts and comments, especially when I’m mentioned in them is stalking, how it’s called what you are saying about me then………?

  2. Sorry, I have to correct the first fact!!!:

    The first post she posted was about wanting to report me for harassment to which I reacted by sending her a message and then she called me a “filthy person” to which I reacted further…

        • When it comes to Andria Perry, she “dealt” with me because she had problems understanding what I was trying to explain to her like 10 times – she was actually trying to convince me I don’t see the posts I was seeing with my eyes in 2 certain Fb groups which I wanted to be deleted and asked for her help which she refused. And that is not all, there is more but too complicated to explain… That much about “mental problems”………!

          And I “dealt” with Lacho because she posted an article about Earnings (that not everything is in Earnings, that Friendship is more important) after MY post about Earnings. Since I was visiting ALL her posts (ALL the ones I Missed) and commented them ALL while Replying to Each of her replies to MY comments in her posts, while I didn’t even know if she was Even Reading MY replies in MY posts where she commented because she was never answering them, and while also never paying attention to the posts she has missed like I was with hers saying “HER TIME IS PRECIOUS”, I just tried to explain that the one who is talking about Earnings (me) seem to be more of a Friend than the one who is talking about Friendship (her).

          I also see Lacho lately complained people whose posts she is commenting are not “returning the favor back” and “not visiting and commenting her posts back” which she minds……… That I find very interesting………

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