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Fly Agaric Mushrooms

I was going through some photos today and discovered a photo I had taken in Riga, Latvia of a very lovely mushroom which we knew was poisonous. So I searched to find out what kind of mushroom we have discovered. It is known as a fly agaric mushroom and has hallucinogenic properties. As far as I knew these mushrooms were poisonous but if the mushrooms were actually these kinds, then they could be dried and eaten but might make you fly to the moon.

 I don’t know why anyone would want to risk their life with such mushrooms but they are lovely to look at. Some people might experience a dream-like state and enjoy it and some might get very ill and I don’t even want to know about other consequences. All I can say is that you can see the mushroom is a beauty and if it was this kind I am glad I did not know of any incidences of people actually trying them out. In Latvia, we were simply warned these were poisonous and were known as “mushmires”.


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