Florida Owl

In the photo is a stuffed owl. Through the years it has stood on various shelves and traveled with me from New York to Riga, Latvia. Today the poor owl is rather lopsided and losing a bit of its stuffing when I pick it up. The owl’s story is that it was born in Florida sometime in the 1980s. How do I know this? Because while my mom was alive and living in New York she had a good friend who spent her summers with her husband in Florida.

Several times during the harsh winter my mom would take the Amtrack down to Florida to visit her. There she could warm up and sit in their garden that had orange, grapefruit, and lemon trees. My mom would pack up a box full of fruit and send it to me. She and her friend would visit some tourist spots and go shopping. Mom enjoyed this time a lot.

One time she found this owl and bought it for me. I don’t know why I never named the owl because usually when I had any kind of stuffed animal I would give it a name. He was just owl and as you see is still stuffed and well. I guess as they say it’s never too late – so

What would you name this owl?


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