Flatiron Building … US 🇺🇸

Flatiron Building … US

 the place where they meet the two most famous streets of New York – Broadway (Broadway) and Fifth Avenue, architect Daniel Burnham placed his uniquely configured Flatiron building (Flatiron or Fuller Building). It was named just for its unusual floor plan in the shape of a triangle, which outwardly resembles the iron. This ‘ironed buildings’ steel frame was built in a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style, with terracotta facade decorated with flowers. Its layout is modern and fits perfectly into the intersection of two streets of Manhattan (Manhattan), and thus constitutes one of the most famous sights and  attracts many visitors views. Flatiron Building was completed in 1902, with its 87-meter at the time was one of the tallest buildings New York  . total of 22 floors,


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  1. I have passed that building many times when I lived in my hometown of NYC. The interesting thing is that if you make the mistake of passing by along the wrong side of the building you are right away on the street you might not even want to be on

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