Flat Foot Shoes Can Be An Effective Ulcer Healing Shoes For Diabetic Patients

It has been significantly revealed that to prevent foot ulcers in a patient with diabetes flat foot shoes play an important role. And that is the major reason why medical practitioner recommends flat foot shoes India to promote healing and curb the risk of ulceration from other causes. It is estimated that a healthy number of people with diabetes suffer from foot ulcers. Since foot ulcers are the most common foot injury in diabetic patients that may lead to amputation. Therefore ulcer healing shoes are strongly recommended to such patients. The prevailing statistic is quite dangerous and it is a threat to all diabetes patients. Hence, preventative care and measure must be taken as soon as possible.

In another study, it has been informed that foot complications bring forth highest percent of hospital visits for diabetic patients. It is quite pervasive and common in such people. The severity of diabetes is also a vital factor that determines the likelihood of developing a foot ulcer.

The selection of an appropriate sole

When it comes to choose the right shoes for diabetic patient, the first thing that you need to look after is the sole of the shoes. The right sole will determine the comfort level you will experience while you wear the shoes. It should support your heal and fit precisely in your feet. For more, read a full review based on recommendations to pick the best insoles at

Few important factors to consider for flat foot shoes

  • Always buy the best quality footwear that you can afford and avoid cheap and inferior quality. Moreover, do not forget to replace them on time as well.
  • The sole of the shoes, whether it is daily wear or walking shoes,  must be comfortable and flexible enough to give you adequate convenience while walking.
  • It must contain adequate room in the toe box to wriggle and spread your toes easily.
  • The heal of the shoes is also an important part, hence it should be rigid and sturdy. In addition to this, it should be made up of comfortable material like a polymer.
  • The sole of the flat foot shoes India should facilitates enough support that it prevents your foot from rolling inward.

Ulcer Healing shoes and its effectiveness

As a matter of fact, ulcer in a diabetic patient can be really hazardous. It does not heal on its own. The healing process of ulcer is further reduced by the higher level of sugar in the bloodstream as well as the dried skin, as a result of diabetes. However, the best treatment to heal the wound of ulcer is to supply more oxygen to the affected part. This is where ulcer healing shoes can play its major part.

The shoes that are helpful in the treatment of ulcer is designed in such a way that it allows a healthy amount of oxygen in the ulcer affected area. As per the opinion of the orthopedic expert, ” The insole of the shoes helpful in treating ulcer supply oxygen at least eight hours in a day and that too under the pressure of a person whose body weight is around 50-80 Kg.”


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