Five Ways Data Appending Can Skyrocket Your Business Growth

A fully integrated business or consumer database is a must if you want your direct marketing campaign to be successful and reach each of your potential consumers. Currently, more than 85% of the companies in the U.S. have insufficient data. If you don’t want to be among the companies with incomplete data sources, then hiring the professional data solutions company is your best bet.

Generally, the data gets collected over the years from various sources like telemarketing, direct mail, websites, promotions, events, and so on. It often leads to a mix of customer’s information with some essential data missing in it. Such a database will reduce the success possibilities of your marketing and sales campaign.

However, when you hire professional data solutions, then you will get a foolproof database. It will provide you with a campaign worth every penny spend on marketing, and you will achieve high success. Below are five ways data appending can skyrocket your business growth.

1. Performs a Data Cleansing 

You might not know, but 25% to 33% of the email addresses become invalid every year. So, it is evident that the mailing list gets reduced by the same percentage every year. So, however attractive mails and offers you send to your consumers, if the email is not reaching the right destination, then the client will remain oblivious of the offer. It adversely affects the conversion rates of your company. Therefore, the data cleaning process becomes crucial.

It becomes necessary to cleans the data and maintain data hygiene if you want to accomplish excellent data consistency. Regular maintenance of database and data cleansing will provide you with the data that free of unnecessary information that hampers your business growth.

2. Helps You with Fresh B2b Customer Profiling and Strategy Segmentation

Professional data appending provides you with customer profiling and segmentation; it has shown a significant increase in the marketing-qualified lead (MQL). The data solutions providing company knows how to draw a good picture of the ideal customer profile. There are three essentials of successful B2B data management. They are – profiling, segmenting, and targeting.

When you have the right profiling and segmenting of the customers, then targeting them becomes fairly easy. The company you hire for getting professional data solutions will provide robust customer profiling and segmenting strategies that will work.

3. You Get the Proper Suppression List

When you suppress people that have not acted to your mails in a year, then it increases your deliverability. It must be frustrating to see that you have tried everything to grow your sales funnel, and later also your business is not growing. Well, maybe you are working on your suppression list enough.

The suppression list is a list of subscribers whom you don’t send business emails. Instead, you will avoid sending them an email. A company that provides data solutions will expertly filter out a suppression list for your company. And you will get a more useful database.

4. Matching the Right Data

Data matching is the process of verifying if the data of the customer is accurate and valid. If not, then it does the job of updating data with the correct and valid details. It is a process of examining and updating the data of existing clients/customers.

The process involves B2B market research assessment, which has various data matching plans, such as matching of an identity, ABM, cross-channel, and IP based, etc. You get the right data matches when you hire a professional company to do it. Ultimately, it will increase your conversion rate.

5. Improves Your Email Marketing 

In the process of data appending, the analytics helps you to make your email more personalized. It is the major reason for success in B2B businesses. Email personalization is the heart of email marketing, and it decides the success rate of your email marketing campaigns. The data solutions company will use analytics methods to improve your email marketing. And also suggest the ways to add more flavors and clarity to your emails.

To Finish Off

When you hire a company to get professional data solutions, then you are bound to reap its benefits like reviving old contacts, boosted response rate, data cleansing, and increased data integrity. All these benefits of data appending amount to skyrocketing your business growth, and it makes it worth to hire a professional company for data appending.


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Written by Amelia Karten

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