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Five Reasons I Enjoy Virily

I stumbled on this site quite by accident. No one invited me or pointed my in this direction. However, I have found that I truly enjoy my time here. Yes, I am still learning and make some whopper mistakes and that is what live is all about, living and learning.

Today I am sharing the five reasons that make this place a happy home for me today.

1. People truly seem to care. If you are willing to reach out and ask for help you will receive it.

2. There are games to play and things to learn. I love to learn new things and I do so here every day.

3. I am sure you have all heard the saying about “Dance like no one is watching.” I had a mentor once that told me I should  “Write, even if no one is reading.” It’s true here. A lot of people don’t take the time to actually read and a few read it, respond and really understand. It is a great place to practice the craft.

4. I appreciate great art and there is plenty of that here to view and comment on.

5. There is a sense of community. Perhaps something written, posted or done here will make a difference. For example, I have had my entire day change by one thoughtful comment. It’s a good place to come.

Why are you here?


What do you think?

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  1. I quite agree that it is a nice, supportive community here, very friendly. But I must admit, the main reason I am here is to try to earn some extra income, and the earnings here are really painfully slow. Not just that, but I find it demoralising how long it takes the Dashboard to update – it would make a real difference if we could see how much we have earned in real time. But never mind. I don’t want to be negative. This site definitely has its plus points, as you say.

  2. I haven’t been here long just a week today, so I’m really trying to get my foot in
    the door sorta say, I have some post’s that have really taken off on here with
    some really good vibes from others. so I can’t say it’s a bad site being I just
    got here RIGHT B-4 the change they just had a few dys ago on me so I have
    NO clue as how the old site use to work, but I will surely do my best to be
    here everyday if not to write but to read other post’s on here, to help out.

  3. Something I can share in this comment mainly is that I agree with the third reason, other than that, I think we need to find or build closeness with some friends here, give full support, chat as much as you can, without any hope, who knows, our readers will increase with an abundant response.

  4. To meet awesome people like you! Sound too corny? lol It’s true though, I love sharing my world, what better place huh? I love the quizzes, polls, viewing other places in the world by real people and not just from ads and pros. I love the different kinds of art and artists. And you make micro pennies with every thing you do, which in turns ads up. I love the admins on this site, I haven’t found any other site that they are so engaged in, I mean you can IM them, they respond quickly and are always listening to ways to make the site better.


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