First wasp this year…

Ok, I don’t like wasps! And, two mornings ago I noticed there was one wasp at the entrance, at home. I thought ignoring it would be my best option… It’s panic what I feel when I see one near me! So… when I came back home, imagine who was waiting for me… The wasp! I took this picture, on the go, maybe I just did it to fight my fear, who knows! 🙂 (Note: One day later the wasp disappeared)


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  1. I am glad the wasp disappeared. I don’t like them either and have had them nest outside my door at home and also outside the classroom where I used to teach. Imagine fighting wasp’s next at home and at work both! But now I have no more fear of them because I bought one of those battery-run bug zappers shaped like a tennis racket. I swing that thing in their flight path and it incinerates them. Wasp dust is all that is left.


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