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First Anniversary

Here is an interesting account of my first anniversary back in the U.S. and how it all happened. I carried my cat through three airports. I wrote this with my second anniversary approaching. At the end of this coming June, three years will have gone by since I am living in Daytona  Beach

The top photo is my first photo of the Atlantic Ocean that I had not seen in ages. Remember in Latvia I lived near the Daugava River and when we went to the beach it was not the ocean we swam in but the Baltic Sea. And this is a photo of the tall palm trees I saw for the first time because I was living among oak trees and pine and fir trees, among others.


It is almost unbelievable to me that tomorrow will be the first anniversary since I arrived in Florida. It is strange to look back because I can tell you that the last two weeks I spent in my house in Riga, Latvia are almost a complete blank to me. I was in such trauma and high anxiety that everything sort of just slipped by me. It was great if I knew what year, date, and time it was. I remember I was completely calm that early morning leaving the house for the last time. The reason I was calm was that I had put my brain in neutral and was only concentrating on getting to the airport and making sure that Sid was alright.

I knew my dear departed love was flying along with us to be sure we were alright and I managed to get through all the airports and so on. My next panic set in when I got into the cab in Orlando because Daytona Beach is an hour away and I could not leave Sid in the carrier any longer. The cab driver was a friendly fellow so I sat back to think of how far away my old life was now. Suddenly he asked a very reasonable question. What address did he have to drive to? Guess what?

In all my haste, my anxiety, my panic, my crazy thoughts I had not written down my friend’s address. So being the wee hours of the morning and the cab driver needed to get back to Orlando I had him deposit me at one of the bigger resort hotels here. Then came the wonderful magic of the computer age. I explained my troubles to the desk clerk and got access to the computer room for guests. Within minutes of getting online, I had the address and he ordered another cab for me. It was then and only then that I realized I had arrived in full tropical heat. By 3 AM I was at their house and here I am a year later and so much has happened.


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  1. To emigrate you need great personal will and motivation and true friends to rely on. Anxiety, panic, crazy thoughts do not help. They are our enemies. Even in the current environment, we need to be calm so that we can endure. I hope things are going well for you already.

  2. i hope you still get the feeling of your love watching over you!

    Daytona Beach FL is an interesting city. uring the spring it is full of college kids.

    the story you’ve shared details a tough journey. thank you for sharing this i know it is painful.


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