Fighting COVID-19

It’s so unfortunate and devastating that we are facing this kind of catastrophe globally. At first it was a single case that you couldn’t imagine that it would go over the world and now we are facing unprecedented challenge that we would not thought we could experience. We are all indeed in chaos!

Here’s what we can do at this challenging moments:

1. Aside from practicing hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene which are vital (coughing and sneezing covering your mouth and nose with your sleeves or tissue) We know that we are having outage of PPE( Personal Protective Equipment) so we have to be resourceful and be vigilant by keeping social distancing and as much as we can, don’t touch things as we know that it can be acquired through contact and droplet.

2. Stay safe at home and limit the outings as much as we endure. We can do things at home that we couldn’t do when we were too busy going for work. This is the best time to read the book that you wanted to read many years ago but you couldn’t find time, spend time with a family that you couldn’t do because of your hectic schedule at work, whatever was the thing you wanted to do but you couldn’t, do it now. This time allows you to do all things that you couldn’t afford to do before that can make a difference in your life. Make this challenging times as sources of hopes for the things you wished you have done if you only had time to do it, now is the time.

3. Whatever happens, stay positive we will surpass this. God is in control, have faith!

Be safe everyone!!! #wecanfightthistogether! This too shall pass


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Written by Sheryl


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