Few Common Advantages Of Concrete Pumping In Construction Projects

Concrete is a prime building material that needs to be placed over bricks and stones for constructing a stable structure. The faster technique of concrete pumping is prevalently used in all residential and commercial building projects in the present time. This technique has almost replaced the traditional slow way of putting concrete paste with a trowel.

Major Merits Of The Application Of Concrete Pumping

Usually, the large-scale constructions are more benefitted by concrete pumping as it boosts the speed of work to a huge extent. There are two common varieties of pumps used at construction sites, namely boom pump and line pump. Boom pump has a robotic arm for placing the concrete at a fast speed, which is handled with a remote-control system. Line pump contains a long hose made of steel or any flexible material.

Beneath Are A Few Benefits Of Concrete Pumping:

  • Boosts construction speed –

This latest mechanism of concrete pumping pours the semi-liquid concrete paste speedily over the building structures, making the whole procedure very simple. The masons do not need to load concrete in wheelbarrows and carry to the site now, as these pumps simply reach the site and pour down the concrete paste wherever needed. Thus, construction works can be completed much faster, with the help of these pumping machines.

  • Helpful in making high-rises –

Earlier, it was a tough job to carry the concrete mixture in cranes or wheelbarrows up to a great height while constructing high-rises. Now, the modern concrete pumps can easily reach to any height by extending the robotic arm or hose, to pour concrete paste on the designated points of a high-rise under construction.

  • Decreases the labor costs – Usually, many skilled labors are needed to place the concrete mixture on a building site. However, the concrete pumping procedure can take over the job of these laborers, as it solely carries concrete and places it without any extra effort. Since such pump is boarded on a trailer or small truck, it can be taken anywhere of the building site for accomplishing the required job. Thus, it saves a lot of money for a construction company.
  • Better stability of buildings –

Due to the efficient mechanism, the concrete pumping process does not need to add too much water to the concrete paste for liquefying it. Thus, the concrete mixture becomes stronger due to the presence of lesser water and also prevents shrinkage of that concrete surface in extreme weather conditions. So those buildings are supposed to last much longer, which are built with the help of concrete pumps. Moreover, owners of these buildings do not need to worry much about the repairs or maintenance of their homes or workplaces.

  • More perfection in work – All types of concrete pumps are very efficient in pouring concrete paste over the building foundation, pillars and even the topmost roofs of high-rises. The mechanisms of these pumps do not allow any wastage of concrete mixture and spread evenly over all surfaces, without forming any lump of concrete. Thus, best quality construction is available by the use of a concrete pump and the site remains cleaner, as no concrete paste spills out that could create a mess on the construction site.

The job of masons has become easier with the use of concrete pumping system. These pumps are automatically operated to pour the concrete paste over the brick foundations, without requiring any extra effort of labourers. They are designed to reach all points of a construction site, making the work simpler even at awkward positions. Moreover, the labourers do not need to risk their lives for reaching dangerous heights for placing concrete paste. Therefore, the use of concrete pumping is preferred by most of the modern builders, as this process is highly advantageous for them in many aspects that cannot be ignored


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