Festival of Lights. . . Thailand 🇹🇭

Festival of Lights. . . Thailand  

Thousands of Thais and tourists across the country each year to enjoy the religious festival of lights, centuries-old tradition, which is in the area, the province of Chiang Mai in Thailand, celebrated a little differently than in other parts of the country. Namely, instead of letting the lanterns in the shape of lotus in the water, people from this region release lanterns into the air, made of paper, and then imagine the desire. The festival is celebrated on the 12th day of the full moon after the Thai lunar calendar, but the exact date is published just a few weeks earlier. The festival organized by the colorful parade and lavish dances in traditional costumes dancing with paper dragons. The culmination of the festival is the release into the air tens of thousands of paper lanterns, is believed to relate accident of life of residents.


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