Fate Can Be Kind – 9

After Emma had left her job, Parker rang her once about a week later. She didn’t answer.

That was the last she had almost heard from him.

She worked at her new job, worked hard and focused. She was promoted.

She met another man, Simon. He didn’t dazzle her, he was just real. He respected her views.

As he came from a family as conservative as her’s the path was straight.

Begin with casual dates, to see if they got along. Once they were compatible, move to  a slightly more serious relationship. As that worked, they became engaged.

After a time, when the families all met each other, and everything was worked out, they had the white wedding.

They had sex on the honeymoon, then lived in his parent’s house, then in their own flat. They worked and saved, had their first child.

They bought a house with a mortgage which they paid.


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Written by jaylar

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