Families of Oostduinkerkea

Families of Oostduinkerkea, a fishing town on the north coast of Belgium, is involved in an almost forgotten profession. Love in the North Sea on the back of Brabant, powerful Belgian horse hitch, but their skills are transferred from generation to . Ritual is protected by UNESCO and put it on the list of intangible cultural . Times a week to Cart Flemish fishermen saved waterproof suits and networks however, with the horses heading towards. Horses secret of a successful hunt. Fishermen for them daily care and grooming them with lots of love to their four-legged assistants without fear journeyed into the water up to their door.This the network can find fish, squid and shrimp gray, some of the delicacy of the Flemish cuisine. Brabant entail fishing nets, a tethered chains create vibrations in the sand crabs that attract so jump into . As networks filled with horses nose to catch the back of the house. Fishing on horseback encourages a sense of community, because every family deals with one part of the job – from knitting network to care for horses. The custom of celebrating an annual festival of shrimp in which to enjoy both tourists and residents Oostduinkerkea


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