Factors Enabling A Student To Decide Whether A PG Would Suffice?

PG pretty much as the name suggests is a combination of a hostel and a flat. Some of the features of PG in electronic city are as follows


Pretty much like a hostel room, a PG has a lot of facilities. These facilities are provided normally by a landlord who also lives in the same premises. A single room is set aside for a student where they reside. Food along with internet facilities is provided by the landlord.

Homely atmosphere

In most of the PGs, there are families who are accommodating the students so a home-like environment is created. This is an attracting point for many students who like a smooth transition away from their home. It does not guarantee privacy, but pretty much like a family atmosphere is provided.

From a cost point of view, PG hostel in Bangalore is cheaper than a rented flat. In a flat apart from the rent, there are some additional charges involved.

The other factors influencing the decision-making process

If a student has all the necessary options, how does it help them to decide? There are a number of factors that would enable you to decide.


Money is not a major joke as the accommodation does go on to take a toll on your wallet. Though hostels or PGs have their distinct benefits, when it comes to fees they seem to be distinct. In the case of many students, money is an influential aspect of making a decision. With hardly any compromise possible when it comes to education fees, students rely on areas to trim costs and accommodation hogs the limelight.


Away from their home, students find it difficult to stay in an alien community with people whom they have hardly interacted before. In such cases, the community has a major role in the decision-making process. In a vibrant community, the phase of transformation seems to be easy leading to smooth college life. In many cases, this philosophy has proven to be an excellent option

Better suited to your study needs

In some cases to study in a college poses to be a difficult task, not due to the tough course syllabus. They do find it really difficult to cope up with the increased course curriculum. In your college life there are exams once in a week. So an environment that you choose should be really conducive for studies. This is a real must for a student who is taking a plunge into their college life.

To conclude with all the comparisons available what is to be done. At the end the choice among PG, hostels down to your own individual decision. Once again it would depend on a student to student basis.

If you are planning to study and prepare for a competitive exam you need an environment favorable for your studies. In such cases, a PG  would be ideally suited for your needs.

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