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Also a story related to Facebook culture. I have to admit that Facebook has a lot of interesting things that make me become a Facebook addict. Connect, find friends easily, know where they go today, what to do, what to eat, where. Knowing that you and your friend’s family are having a happy or sad story, the face of their children knows all about it.

Shopping on Facebook is also very convenient and fast. There is a lot of sharing on great, meaningful pages. Notify what many people just need to write up their face and then tag the name of the person who needs to be reminded that it is done right away, what is convenient.

In the past, I had a habit, every morning online, I had to go to the page of Doremon photo to extract the book and see what it was today. Just say that laughing and laughing with those daily fortune-telling hexagrams, very happy and meaningful. But it’s a community page, which means you post something, your friends all know (sometimes your friends know if you leave the public mode). And so the eye pain troubles also arise from here.

You are in love, dating, getting married or getting married… .. Facebook is up to date. Yes, knowing that is enough, at the same time I know you are in love, dating, getting married or marrying who is the same. Yet some of you do not understand the suffering of those who stand outside their relationships. Today you are angry with your lover, you write a status for him full of gloomy words, reproachful, angry; the next day you are out of anger, you write up sweet, loving apologies. What do you say to your girlfriend today, give you a gift or naturally have someone give flowers, confess to you even though you already have a lover, you are happy and proud that you post a broadcast To the people of the world to know… Craving to play (I guess it’s fun, but I don’t mean to tell anyone, just an example).I am straight forward, Facebook is a common house, not your love diary. If you love to go to any forum and show your love, pictures or sweet messages, no one will blame you. Miserable in the middle of a common house that you say is like two people are… Kissing the market like that (a little too much, but it’s real), it doesn’t eat anywhere. Can you imagine between the chaotic bazaar of any fish, meat, lemon and garlic, which is the chopping knife with a chopping block, the sound of the price that you stand to kiss, is it reasonable? I don’t know what you think, I have a lot of pain in my eyes (maybe you told me I don’t have a lover so I’m jealous, then I don’t understand the feeling of the person who is in love.. Etc… And so on, it is just like That’s it.The first time I read it, I told her to let it go. The second time I read, I think that Facebook is like your own room too. For the third time, I clicked 1 shot to cancel my friend immediately. Give it away from the aching eyes. I tell the truth (a little bit of my mouth) if you say goodbye to each other and get used to other people, then you have to repeat another Facebook address? Or give up the effort to sit and remove, erase each picture with a salt concentration or the status of that person… Of course, loving everyone wants to show people that they are in love and loved, but I think it should only be expressed at a moderate level. As I have seen, I find it to be too much, at least in my own eyes. Yes, and so I have something to do with anger and frustration.


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  1. I am not a Facebook addict. Mostly, when I access Facebook is to send a message, look through the posts or connect with someone whom I can’t call because they are thousands of miles away. I like watching videos the more.

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