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Up to what extent will your dreams take you?

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I was a dreamer and still a dreamer. It was started when I was at a young age. I may say it was grit that runs into my heart through my mind and keeps on growing and growing. I come from a difficult family  that pushed me to hustle and to persevere the way possible I can. I’m not intelligent person but I might say that I fight for what I really want in my life. It’s like believin’ the impossible possible. There were thoughts of believing that when you studied so hard and get a job according to what profession you took you’ll enjoy the life and what it has to offer because you have your own resources. I could say that when you realize life is living according to not what we want the way how we see it should be is the stage of maturity and life awareness. In that manner we still opt to live it, most probably because of our dream or goal in life isn’t it?

Feel free to share what motivates you to strive hard towards fulfillment of your dreams even life is being unfair.


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Written by Sheryl


  1. In my experience, exercising the body makes everything else fall into place because you then feel better after working out. Days that I don’t work out, I am more prone to depression and possibly giving up the fight for at least that one day :/ Always best to get proper sleep and exercise 😉

  2. Don’t really know how somebody can leave without dreams…To my mind, they inspire us to make more achievements in our life. Was very happy to read your super publication and find some confirmation of my thoughts!

  3. Sheryl, dreams are what keep us going, especially when life kicks at us. When the fish are rotten and our people we thought were our friends either walk all over us, or walk away from us when we need them the most. Dreams fuel our minds, hearts and souls, keeping our spirits burning strong. When others think we should be giving up they energize us with new sparks. We fight on to accomplish things we’re told are impossible, but really, they’re only impossible to those without dreams.

  4. Dreams are something for me something we can not escape … dreaming is something real, but something is quite different – but the dream is definitely allowed

  5. When we stop dreaming, life has no meaning. I am a dreamer and I still Hope I will achieve some of my dreams, I just have to believe and work hard for It. Excellent article 🙂

    • We all definitely have to hustle our dreams because it drive us to keep going in life. Without it our lives could be dull and pretty boring