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Experiences of a hair by txatxy

I was born a follicle of the head, I grew at a rate of centimeter or centimeter and a half a month.

In my origin was light brown, but txatxy likes the color well you know you.

And he could not resist he likes red hair.

I grew up several months, wavy and scrambled as his spirit and his being, is sagittarius and those who know some you already know as they are: restless and a little crazy, free souls.

I took care of myself, washed and used good products with me, always bright and free in the wind.

But one day he no longer liked everything that had grown and cut me half of me. Was falling to the ground, broken without life, hair does not hurt, but she looked at me as she fell, like tears slipping down the face of a child. When I finished, she looked beautiful but I felt sorry for her and she gave me a picture to remind me and teach it to this group of friends and remember that I always continue to grow if you take good care of me.


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Written by txatxy

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