Expecting Moms Have The Option Of Private Adoption In Florida

Are you overwhelmed by an unwanted pregnancy? Abortion is not the only option. It might be in some cases but not in all. Before taking the extreme step of abortion, you could consider options like raising the child as a single parent, or resorting to temporary guardianship till the time you can handle the child’s responsibility. If none of these options are workable in your situation, you could think about placing your child for private adoption in Florida.

Using a private adoption, you can provide the gift of life to your child by ensuring that he or she is with a loving adoptive family. It can also relieve you from the mental and financial stress of raising your child.

You could opt for state adoption to save money, but you won’t be able to place your child with adoptive parents of your choice. You won’t even know your child’s future parents. Private adoptions have evolved over the years and give you the power to decide how you want things to be in the future.

Types of private adoptions in Florida

With private adoptions in Florida, you can decide if you want to stay in touch with your baby and the adoptive family or not. Based on this criteria, we can classify adoptions into three types:

1. Open Adoption

There is a high level of clarity and interaction between you and adoptive parents in this type of adoption. You can review their profile. After the adoption, you can receive letters and photos from them, communicate via the telephone, or even meet them. The arrangements may vary from case to case.

2. Semi-Open Adoption

In this type of adoption, your interaction with adoptive parents is limited as per your wish. After you have reviewed the adoptive parents’ profiles, met them and decided to opt them, you might not be emotionally ready for visitation. You could decide to receive pictures and letters regarding the child from Adoptive Parents, twice or thrice a year until the child turns 18.

3. Closed Adoption

If you prefer to have a confidential adoption and do not wish to contact the adoptive family before or after the adoption, you could pick the closed adoption type.

How an adoption lawyer in Florida can help in the adoption process?

  • The lawyer gets you through the adoption process in Florida, which is different from other states. You can decide on the type of adoption you wish to have.
  • An adoption lawyer in Florida helps you create the best adoption plan.
  • The attorney helps you in reviewing the profiles of many adoptive parents in his or her network. You can zero down on your choice.
  • The lawyer also handles the placement of the baby with the adoptive parents after birth.
  • The attorney prepares the legal documents of adoptions as per the terms agreed between you and the adoptive parents. He or she also handles all the related paperwork.
  • The lawyer helps in getting you the financial assistance under the Florida Law.
  • The attorney acts as your guide throughout the complex adoption process.

LawTally helps in lawyer search

For the process of private adoption in Florida, you need an experienced adoption lawyer. The attorney not only handles the legal paperwork, but also helps in matching you to the adoptive parents, and acts as an advocate. It is imperative that you select the lawyer carefully to do this significant job.

LawTally is a website that furnishes exclusive information about the best lawyers. It provides you with the list of all the top rated adoption lawyers in Florida. It only guides you and never tries to push you. The decision to hire a particular lawyer is yours. You can contact as many lawyers as you like and make an informed decision. With LawTally, you could find lawyers having expertize in more than hundred practice areas throughout the United States of America.


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