Expect To Be A Clown Teacher

An educational teacher is a profession that can never be compared to other occupations. It wasn’t an easy job. They are next to biological parents. The priceless teaching methods are really the best thing for the students to experience. There are only two sets of the deliverance of education: classroom and online.

There is a big difference between teaching in the classroom and online. In terms of educational background and teaching experience, there is no doubt of having the soft skills. The essential part is to impart the importance of education to the students. But there are some concerns that needed to comprehend the two types of job. It is the big picture of how teachers need to be flexible at all times.

1. Classroom-type of Teaching

Teachers can lead the class without question. The way of teaching will follow their formulated lesson plan. The methodology of teaching has its rationale to be carried out. Students’ performance is based on activities or examinations. It is more on the objective. Students are following the main goal of the teachers based on the lesson plan.

2. Online-type of Teaching

A type of teaching that is being evaluated by online students. The teachers’ scores are based on the subjective part. It is quite unfair. But that’s the reality in teaching online. The students are like the gods of the teachers. There is a moment when these students tried to insult the online teachers. They believed that paying the online teachers are enough to scrutinize them.

The second-type seems like an unacceptable way of treating teachers online. Some people prefer to work in this kind of field because the salary is competitive. Being practical is what drawn them to teach online. Despite the subjective evaluation, they need to perform well. They think it is better to be paid and learn to accept the standard policy of company’s teacher performance evaluation from the students.

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