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Escargot Anyone?

Escargot Anyone?  –  digital collage      © 2019 – Howard Faxon

This picture of the Golden Gate bridge is taken from the north side looking towards San Francisco. The higher resolution version of this photo is worthy on its own but I added a subtle joke. It references something that San Franciscans talk about relatively often. The number of times that the bridge has been destroyed in movies are many beginning with “It Came From Beneath The Sea”. I am sure that everyone can recall other examples like the X-Men. (Add your favorite in the comments if you have one.) When a trailer for a new movie comes out and shows the demise of this much loved bridge everybody sighs and says, “Here we go again. Geez, why do they pick on our bridge?”

Even with the element of humor I still feel this is a worthy piece of art unlike some of my “shopped” creations which are a bit too whimsical to be taken seriously. I still chuckle when I see this piece pop up on my computer screen and I hope you got a little laugh from it as well.


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