Emergency Information You Don’t Even Think You Need

An emergency situation isn’t something we live yearning for, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have to face them in life. So if you ever find yourself in the middle of an emergency situation, know that your life, as well as those of others, depends on how you react to the situation. This is the things that you learn through life and not necessarily via medical school. It could be a flood, extreme weather or even accidents. Regardless of the situation at hand, there are similar concepts on how to handle yourself and get out safely.

Here are some of the essential emergency information you should all be aware of but tend to overlook.

Know How To Swim

Yes, swimming can be a hobby as much as it’s a professional activity. But it’s also essential when it comes to emergency cases, especially those ones that deal with floods and drowning. Knowing how to swim can help you not only save your life, but also those of others around you. You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to pull this through, having basic skills are equally important as they can help you hold on in the water as you wait for help. So if you have been postponing those swimming classes, it’s time to reconsider your decision and sign-up as soon as possible. Remember, there is no warning as to when an emergency can occur, so better be ready all the time.

Can You Change A Tire Or Handle A Breakdown?

Now you must be thinking to yourself, ” who takes time to learn that anyway?” But you wouldn’t know the actual value of this simple but important skill until you find yourself in a fix in the middle of nowhere. Learning how to change a tire isn’t as complicated as it sounds, in fact, it would only take you a few minutes and of course a few sessions of practice for perfection. You also have to be ready to get your hands dirty, well, just a little bit.

But if you just can’t figure it out after several attempts, are in a hurry or the brakes seem to fail, then it’s convenient to visit for a variety of timely amazing towing options. They also offer long distance towing for your relocation needs.It’s also good if you can jump-start a car as you never know when you will need this skill. So if you have been letting other people do it for you, it’s time to learn. You don’t want to be unprepared when an emergency strikes.

Know How To Perform CPR

Do you know that you always walk around with the power to save a life? Yes, you never know when you can come across someone with a threatening cardiac arrest. It could be your loved one or a stranger. But does it really matter? It’s life that should actually matter. Unfortunately, recent statistics indicate that only 30% of individuals in a city know what to do in such cases. Remember, most of the cardiac arrests happen at home and that means it’s to someone you love. You don’t want to feel helpless in such a situation when you could actually help.

This also extends to basic first aid performance skills. For instance, learn how to disinfect and dress a wound. Sometimes there is barely enough time to wait for a paramedic.

Can You Lift Your Own Weight?

We must be joking, right? Well, we aren’t! This might seem like a simple concept, but it isn’t in the real sense. Most individuals can’t hold their weight even for a few minutes. So what happens in case you’re caught up in an emergency and have to hand off a ledge as you wait for help? Or you could even pull yourself out with ease. Don’t be too over dependent on people, it’s good to learn to do some things on your own. This also means you can extend some help to those feeling weak. So work on building your muscle strength. Not that you have to look so masculine and professional, but strong enough to face disaster head-on.

Know How To Assemble A Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit

You should always strive to know what should/shouldn’t be included in an emergency preparedness kit. Learn the essentials, the not so important and the not important. Once you do, have one in place and have it ready for when emergency calls. Remember, the kit should be strategically placed within the house where you can easily get it. Also, let every family member know about it and its importance.

Your emergency kit should include medicines( mainly painkillers), surgical spirit, gauze, Water and everything else you think you will need to get by in case of an injury.

Delivering A Baby

Well, this doesn’t come easy for most individuals. But with the rising cases of women giving birth in parking lots or roadsides, it’s a bonus to equip yourself with basic birth skills. For instance, you will need to know how to make them comfortable and safe as you wait for medical help. So if someone you usually drive with or your partner is pregnant, this is a must-consideration for you. You don’t want to appear all panicky in such situations. Your composure really matters and determines how they react to the pain. You will be proud of yourself for making that life-giving process tolerable.

Escaping A Burning Building

Situations like this one tend to cause a lot of confusion and panic among various individuals. You have to learn the first rule, which includes forgetting everything else and focusing on yourself/saving a life. Let those shoes and car keys be for God’s sake. Also, don’t take too long to smell the smoke before leaving. And if you’re in a building, you should always know your way to the fire emergency exit. Don’t just assume it has to be the normal exit. The more ways out you know, the better for you.

While we cannot predict or possess the power to stop emergency when it strikes, it’s always good to be prepared. And contrary to what many people believe, some of the emergency information, they tend to take for-granted is actually the most essential in such situations. So take time to learn a few skills from the above list and be helpful not only to yourself but others in case of an emergency.


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