Eda Gering

When she was born her father received 628,000 greeting cards from around the world, and people are enthusiastic applause followed him as he came in and out of the maternity ward. Father was born when the city of Cologne ordered that it gives a picture of the city’s museums, “Madonna with her son” by Lukas Kranača.

They called it the “Shirley Temple Nazi Germany,” enjoyed the luxury that her father stole from Jews. The Princess and the star had a life as a fairy tale. She was born on June 2, 1938, Hitler and her later that year became the godfather. She lived surrounded by portraits of mother and father and the family coat of arms in the castle Carinhel in nature. Hitler was her godfather, a birthday celebration right national celebration.

The year journalist Douglas Reed proclaimed her “a kind of Nazi princess”. At each kiosk could be bought postcards with her image. For it is in the orchard mansion built replica Sansouci palace, the former summer palace of the Prussian King Frederick II the Great in Potsdam. Luftwaffe paid for the building. In his life of Princess enjoyed only seven years, until 1945, when the Reich collapsed. Her father, convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg, committed suicide on the Nazis own way – a cyanide capsule. He killed himself in his jail cell just hours before his execution in 1946. In the first years after the war, my mother was not able to enroll in any school. When she finally received was an excellent student, according to which teachers are carefully related.

Thus, the time history of her father were not mentioned, but the teacher stopped the period up to the First World War. Food was slender, blond and beautiful girl, a surname Gering she’s always been helpful, as saying. She thought that her father’s people just like that he had good connections abroad, which could be used for decades after. Ed worked as a medical technician in a rehab clinic in Wiesbaden and dedicated herself to the care of his mother, who died in 1973.


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