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Drunken Elephants

We’ll get to the elephants a bit later. Here are more really bizarre laws.

If you happen to be in the state of Georgia on a Sunday and it is a hot day in the summertime keep in mind that even if you buy an ice cream cone you cannot put it in your back pocket. Why would you ever do such a thing? No one knows but it is against the law.

If you decide to move to Hawaii then you better find a really good job because you’re going to need a boat. It is against the law for residents not to own a boat and if you don’t have a boat you’ll be fined.

Things get stranger in Idaho where you can’t fish while sitting on the back of a giraffe or camel. If you want to buy the love of your life a box of candy it has to weigh fifty pounds otherwise it is illegal for you to buy the box of candy. The one I like the best is that you can always see people smiling in Pocatello, Idaho because you cannot be seen in public without a smile.

Men can get in trouble in Iowa if they have a mustache. It is illegal to kiss a woman in public if the man has a mustache.

In Maryland, if you have chosen to have a lion as a pet don’t settle down in Baltimore because there it is against the law to take your lion to the movies. Imagine telling an angry lion that it cannot see the movie it wants to see.

Finally, we get to the elephants. In Natchez, Missouri it is against the law to get an elephant drunk. This law came about in 1810 when a man held a live elephant show and a poor elephant got drunk on beer.


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    • That is strange indeed, Doc. Perhaps the time it happened some child was told not to spend money on ice cream and they thought to hide the cone and put it in their pocket. If it was the child of a government official after the mess that resulted from it would not surprise me they made a low against that lol

      • every dumb law often has an even dumber reason why the dumb law was made!

        my guess is that there was a fair and the Governor was having kids sit on his lap for photos. One child had jeans that were an ice cream mess.

        The governor now had a ruined suit!

  1. Hahaha…the world never ceases to amaze me. Why would a person intoxicate an elephant? How would you start in the first place?
    And the lion, how could you persuade it to go to a movie? And, what if it refuses? It would kill you.
    Lastly, that of not owning a boat is also funny. What if someone doesn’t want to.own one? He shouldn’t reside there?


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