Drive Traffic With Great Titles

It is essential that the title be accurate and it is an enticement to gather readers. A site that gets no views is not a working site. Perhaps we could all afford to learn what some experts say about writing titles. It could be we have perfect content with the wrong title! Let’s explore what they have to say about titles.

First Suggestion: Look at the titles of magazines. Most people who make a magazine purchase, (87%) according to a recent study by Cornell, are based on one title they say on the cover of a magazine. 

My husband purchased a magazine for me yesterday. I just asked him to grab me something to read. So I thought it might be interesting to list the titles here. I have no idea which one appealed to him or it may have even been a picture. Here they are.

“Merry Manis!” Ultra-easy how-to’s for fun festive nails”

“Angel Herb curse a bossy bladder”

“Be the Life of the Party!”

“Over 50? Can’t Sleep?”

“Delicious Holiday Favorites”

So we have taken a look at those, now let’s have a little teamwork. 

I want to write a post about ways to use dandelion tea to improve your life. Let’s see if together, (meaning you write the title for the post I want to write in the comments) we can find a great title for that article. 

What have you got?


What do you think?


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