Dream with a Mysterious Tune Playing

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I woke up in the morning, and there was a tune stuck in my head, but I didn’t know the words or the song title. I kept going over the tune, trying to figure out some words or a possible title. But I soon realized that it is something old that I haven’t heard for a while. At first, I thought it was a holiday song or maybe a church song, but nothing was coming through from the past. Then, I went on YouTube to browse music videos with similar tunes. Suddenly, the ABBA song, Dancing Queen, came on, and I felt the tune was close to what I was hearing in my dream.

I wonder what this song is trying to tell me….”Friday night…Having the time of your life…See that girl, Watch that scene…a place to go…right music…rock music…young, sweet, and 17…tambourine…teaser…”

Well, I am not a dancing queen or even 17, but I am always looking out for a place to go on Friday nights to have fun and party or hang out somewhere.

At 10:38 am, I was checking out internet sites while the television was on some independent channel, and Muriel’s Wedding was playing in the background. Suddenly, I heard the song Dancing Queen playing in the movie.

OK, I take this as a sign because I heard this song twice in one morning, once in a dream when I woke up and again in a random movie on the independent channel.


What do you think?

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