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Dog attack by neighbors dog

Hello Dog owners, This is a story about a neighbors dog that has attacked MY dogs MORE than once (3 times) & this dog is a Hybrid wolf dog as you see in the photo here.

I have owned some of the baddest dogs in my lifetime and has NEVER had one attack another dog or a person, as I DON’T allow that cause it’s not right or fare to either one if you have a dog that is aggressive towards other dogs OR people then that can be a major problem later on in the animals life if it’s NOT corrected at a early age.

Did you know that there is a UP rise in Dog attacks where people have dogs & don’t train them right & then don’t know how to deal with the problem so they just turn them LOOSE? yes this is what cause’s the up rise in this major problems today.

Facts about Wolf Hybrids. Dog or Danger?

I have been around this dog & she is a amazing dog I have to say, but she has a issue with coming into MY yard and attacking my dogs that have NEVER been in a dog fight so they are stunned & has no idea what to do other than TRY to defend themselves the best way they can & I have told the owner every time this happens a piece on my mind.

So this last time it happened, I told him for the last time I’m done being nice I’ve tried to over look it, I’ve tried not to hurt your dog, but this has got to stop & if you can’t I CAN. Enough is enough & this time I’ve had enough! So I called the law & now THEY can deal with it & it’s onrecord since the other 3 times weren’t, this time he knows I’m SERIOUS.

what is a wolf hybrid? <You hit this it will explain just what type of dog I’m talking about.

So my warning to you IS, be aware of your surroundings at ALL times cause you never know what is larking around that next corner while your out walking your dog or your by your self, people that turn dogs loose don’t think of the havoc it can cause to others.

This explains WHY these breeds of dogs are so hard to train & domesticate as a reg dogs, so never get the wild idea they are worth having cause they really not one to be trained & if you want to learn more about the breed there are PLENTY of sites about it.

This is one of my dogs that was attacked, she’s fine THANK god, she’s Lab/Aussie mix she’s a timid dog she loves everyone & other dogs or USE to I should say, but I don’t know how she feels about strays after this attack on her, I know it’s changed her will to go outside.

This is the other dog that has been attacked by his dog & she’s fine too, but she has turned her mannerism into attack mode now, where she being the OLDEST of the 7 I have & her being boarder collie that scopes out to find anything that MOVES to attack (rodents & so forth).

The 3rd one that was attacked was my pit like I said before & now with all that said I ask youwhat would you do if it was your dog that was being attacked? mine stay in their yard, theydon’t wonder about in other peoples yards, they go do their business & come right back in.

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So now that the Cops have it on record & if his dog attacks mine again, I have every RIGHT to shoot it & to protect MY dogs & there’s NOTHING he can do about it he will have to pay for my vet bills & court cost & I can sue him for having a uncontrolled animal & it be put down.

Thank you for reading this & spending time to learn about the Hybrid breed never trust them.


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  1. All of this is the result of the wrong animal breeding. Before taking a pet a person should read about the character of the breed he or she prefers. The animal is not to blame for a property that has not preyed correctly how it wants.


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