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Does Everyone Want to Be Happy?

The first thought in my little head was, of course, who wouldn’t want to be happy? Then a little doubt crawled in and the real discussion began. There are some people who thrive on happiness, but not all. Some people are most creative and productive when they are feeling unhappy. Then comes the question of perception of others and their evaluation of others’ happiness. All of the sudden I was lost. 

Many times when I am intently reading or writing my family says I am not happy.I don’t feel unhappy, I feel immersed in what I am doing. However, they are consistent in stating that I am not a happy person when I am intent.

I have a sign in my home that reads “There is a Season”.  When visitors come they often get stuck on that sign and ask questions. I believe it is open to a wide variety of interpretations. Today it means to me that nothing lasts forever and I need to savor today. Yesterday I wrote in my journal “I just have to hang on and wait a few more weeks and there will be a flower or a weed or something I can see to remind me spring will show itself.

I am going to stop assuming that everyone wants to be happy and should be happy all of the time. I think without that premise I will be more accepting, understanding and tolerant of others.


What do you think?


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