Do You Love Angels Unconditionally?

I have observed and known by now that God and His angels love us unconditionally. We may even curse them at times due to pain and grief, but, they would still keep loving us as it is. They are so faithful that even if you slap them, they would be your friend forever.

We generally are loving and praying to the angels asking them for healing, protection and love connections. Same thing is with God. We need them all for our fulfilment of wishes. However, is there anyone on Earth who would love God and His angels just for their presence even if they do no fulfil our desires and dreams?

Angelic Love of God

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Do you have that love affection and the will of having forever relationship with God and His angels. Or you forsake them when your desires and even need is not met even if asked thousand times. It generally doesn’t happen with the angels because they themselves are loving, compassionate and full of joy.

I love angels and I love to talk to them and have their presence. I feel happy and touched when they are touching us with their soft and gentle feathers. No wonder, angels are God’s wonderful creation and He deserves praises for the same.

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We do praise God for everything and we praise Him because He is worthy, however, praising God for His wonderful creations is mesmerising. Angels are very sensitive and their spirit of holiness is also gentle. When we have love in our heart, we would have them as our siblings, friends and beloved ones instead of having them as the one who obeys our commands or listens and fulfils to our prayers.

I know that this time God and His angels are reading my heart that I am writing out here freely.



What do you think?


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