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Do not apologize for your imperfections.

Children are taught to try and pursue an ideal – girls and boys, little / large children, a profession or an ideal mother. Over time, we understand that we can not meet these expectations and we begin to feel guilty. In fact, this guilt prevents us from discovering our own fullness. With whom do we compare at all that we call our weaknesses so lightly, but can not we see their strengths? The only one we have to compare is yesterday.

Strong people tell the truth, they never apologize for showing character. Even if the truth hurts, the benefits of honesty are far longer than the momentum of pain. But the strong man knows his power and when he has to apologize when he recognizes the moment. Then the excuse is a supreme act of deliverance, like the forgiveness that must be obtained. And it seems as though not so strong they get more character.

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