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Dissertation Proposal Writing – The Most Effective Method To Write It Like A Pro

Among the countless curiosities of the academic world, one of the most demanding and challenging tasks confronting any research student is the art of writing a research proposal. Still, it is dimly established within graduate programs. To be blunt; the proposal is essential, but it isn’t certainly a pretty process to work on it. Therefore, in pursuit of the PHD,all of you will face the period between the end of coursework and the selection of your dissertation topic as one of the most difficult and fraught time. I need to exploit this chance to present various issues relating to research proposals and to spread out in expansive terms various concerns and knotty issues that go into the long and entangled procedure of planning and leading a researchable project.

Track these tips, and you will be well on your way to writing an excellent proposal.

The Idea

You may come across many dissertation proposal examples, and I bet you, one thing must be shared in the most perfect dissertation proposal example is the emphasis on selling the main idea. One’s research is only as worthy as one’s proposal. A misguided plan fates the project regardless of whether it some way gets through the Thesis Supervisory Committee. The goal of your proposal process is to have a well-organized idea. In your proposal, you should undoubtedly mention “What” you are going to say, “why” what you are saying is important, “To whom” you are going to say it, and “how” you will assure your target audience of the legitimacy of your idea.

Break New Ground

There is no other way of making your proposal stand out. Also, the way towards making a dissertation project should not be an excuse of superficial cleverness and fashion. One of the best ways to make it stand out is to construct your study around a riddle and a paradox. It will help you answer the question. Everyone can write pieces of paper, but what’s written in that paper should be a real deal. While writing your proposal you must mention how your topic is going to add to the literature. You should clarify even if your research question has been inquired and countered by others. If the answer is definite, then you should justify why you feel that the solutions that other researchers have provided are inadequate. Also, how your research will add to the discussion by conveying new sources in the debate.

Research Design And Method

The target here is to persuade the readers that the general research structure and strategies for analysis will accurately address the research problem. Also, to put forth for the readers that the approach/sources picked are suitable for your topic. There should be explicit notice about the methodological approaches that will be used to gather data along with analytical tools. Also, don’t forget to tag alone the tests of external validity to which the researcher is committed.


By being rigorous during the process, you can increase the credibility of your research with regards to consistency, neutrality, and applicability. Keep in mind that your proposal is the best opportunity to reflect on the rigorousness of your study. As you will be expected to give precise details of the approach adopted for data collection, sample size, and the time frame required for the research. So if you want to protect your research methods against bias, then don’t forget to mention the inclusion and exclusion criteria along with the measures taken to avoid bias.

Extensive Research

It alludes to all sources of scientific evidence relating to your topic of interest. You should structure this area deliberately with the goal that the readers can grasp the argument related to your study as compared to other researchers. But the trick is to prove your readers that your work is unique and creative. To do so, you can move from the broader to the more focused literature, or to build up the story, you can utilize historical progression, without making it through.

Rather than regarding your proposal as a final, restricting record, consider it a flexible method to design an energizing (yet achievable) dissertation project that will make you proud.

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