Dio Videh Eh Provideh

You gave me so much my Dear Nonna, a Faith through the hard times “Dio Videh Eh Provideh”. “God sees and pride you would say as you wrote at a check for the cost of college text books without a bat of the eye.”  “I’ll pay you back.” I said, but she shook her head.  “You will pay me back by doing your best and living your dreams.” You said with a gentle smile.

You the Nonna that taught me to read when I was three.  An amazing feat really because by the time I was six they said I was Dyselxic, but you refused to believe in labels.  “You may have Dyslexia but it does not have you.”

By the time I was in third grade I read at a tenth grade level, Nonna’s word games and books got me there.  I remember the Pinballs, Little Women, Mark Twain and Tennyson, you used to buy me bags of books.

When I was nineteen you gave me photos we put a scrapbook together a special gift, I still cherish to this day.  Your gone now but I feel you, I hear you.

Italian quizzes and childhood stories I sat captivated, listening as you spoke.

As I grew older you pulled out an old manual underworld typewriter allowing me to badly type my stories, until I got my first laptop computer in 95 or 96 a gift from a family friend, he and his son were later murdered.

You were the one who danced around the living room with me as I got an acceptance letter they were publishing my first collection of poetry Reflections on Life.

You are gone in body, but not in Spirit and if I listen closely enough I can hear you whisper “Dio Videh Eh Provideh.”

(C) Michelle R Kidwell



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