Different Ways to Say Goodbye

Another story from my life in Riga, Latvia. This was written the same year I lost my soul mate in 2017.

I can tell you right now that ever since my husband died in August of 2017 I have my good, my bad and my impossible days. When the good days come everything is normal and I go about my routine and I am always glad when the day speeds by.

When the bad days come it is a challenge because no matter what I do or what I look at there is always something that makes me trigger a memory. Now the autumn rains have started and I realize that even my cat Sid knows he needs to stay closer to me and spends a good part of his day sleeping next to me on a table next to the PC I work on. You can see him in the photo.

Today, unfortunately, turned into an impossible day. First, it was the rain, then came some sun and made me misty-eyed and then the rain returned. Just when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse Demi Roussos decided to do a number on the radio. That made me think of the different ways of saying goodbye and that we should never say goodbye in anger to anyone because we don’t know if we will get to see them again. I wish I had had the chance for goodbye or at least one last word of love.

Now I have neither one nor the other but I am glad they are together. 


What do you think?


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  1. Being able to say goodbye is so important. I did not get to say goodbye to either of my grandfathers or grandmothers. it has bothered me for many years.

    I think not saying goodbye to my soulmate would be worse. Did you get to say goodbye?

    • My stepdaughter (his daughter) and I left him at the hospital at 10 PM on August 16 and knew we would receive a notification on the next day about what his condition was. He was having procedures done on August 17 at 12 PM and during the procedure, he died. I never saw or talked to him again.

        • You know, Doc not even that because he was too caught up in his own trauma and wondering what was going to happen and then he does not like to talk or have anyone talk to him. The last thing I said was for him to not lose his cell phone and he did not even look at me. I suppose he knew we weren’t going to see each other again and it was a heavy thing for him to bear. He never wanted to share his feelings when he was not feeling good.

          • that is a touching and beautiful story. The connection in the male world of the pre-2000 period is a reality for many of us. We were taught to not have emotions that we were the rock of the family.

            it is good times have changed.


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