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Decebal was the last Dacian king

Decebal was the last Dacian king and ruled from 87 to 106 years. Although it has long resisted Roman expansion, Emperor Trajan’s far mastered after which the king Decebal committed suicide and Dacians lost independence which their country became a Roman province of Dacia. Although Decebal dead for nearly 2,000 years, his spirit is still strong among the Romanian people who considers him a national hero. This prompted Romanian businessman Joseph Constantine Dragan, who is one of the main proponents of protohronizma, a movement that advocates claim that the Romanian people is derived from the Dacians to carve the figure of King Decebal on the Romanian side of the Danube. In 1985 Dragan decided cliff 128 meters high, which will be formed, and some believe that he chose this place because it is close by, on the other side of the Danube, is Traiana,


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