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Dear Virily Editors and Staff~

As my mom used to say “the natives are getting restless”. The general consensus seems to be that the people who are writing here appreciate all that you do and still have have some suggestions and want to know that they have been heard. (At least that is my general impression.) I believe most are anxious to know if you realize the general feeling is that writers are not being heard and responded to.  (I have been very successful when asking for help. I hope that continues.)

Here are some things that “I” believe might be helpful. I am speaking for only me. We seem to enjoy updates. We understand the updates can’t be in a dollar and cents amount on this site, the value of a viril changes. Perhaps in that section we could see the number of virils go up day after day. At least we would know we are moving in the right direction. (Yes, I am aware our totals are listed in a different area, but apparently we want more, please).

Many are concerned because they are not verified writers. I have an idea (and I speak for no one else). Why don’t we make everyone a verified writer and if they get reported for issues then they may lose the privilege for two weeks with a clear suggestion of what they need to change and once again be able to post at will. I wouldn’t think that would require much more work on your end.

Perhaps once a week staff could make a post about what things are working and what are not.

We have a fairly strong group of creators here. My family would be so sad if Carol DM and others stopped posting their pictures. My husband is thrilled to hear where I wandered with Doc and he gets on just to see what is there. Please, help us help you so we call all keep being successful here.



What do you think?

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  1. We’ve talked a lot about these things before, but nothing moves. Nobody knows what the conditions are to become a verified member. I have been a member for over three years and have had no incident and am not a verified member.

  2. If you want Virily would die as many writing sites dead, yes, make everyone as verified and we will get overloaded with all kind of spam and plagiarism. If you are writing to not a first site, you should know why they collapsed. We all went through verification at some time and nothing happened. But the site still is up and continues working. Still, I agree, the time to becoming verified may be shorter.

  3. We need a system that is “flexible” (at least not dead) and fair.
    Everyone have fair chance to become a verified user instead of 1 batch of verified users for “eternal” while the rest just have to deal with being un-verified.

    Doc’s suggestion should be considered.

  4. I think the value of verified user status, is why there is such an issue. If everyone had it, we would be full of spam and illegal posts.

    That really is the issue with a site like this. Which is why the admin team waits, 1-2 even 3 years before making someone a verified user.

    I do, however, also feel the pain of waiting for moderators to review and share the posts.

    I would propose a modification of your system.

    1. if you post on Virily for 6 months without incident then you are put into the pending verified state.
    2. if, after 3 months in the probationary state (you are verified, just not complete until the second review) the admins grant you full verified.

    You would be able to do everything a verified user can do after 6 months without incident. After 9 months you are no longer on probation.

    Verified users can lose their status if they attack other users.
    Verified users can lose their status if they curse at, or demean other users.
    Verified users, can lose verified status if they submit plagiarized material.

    The reality for Virily is they cannot make this an open platform. The legal ramifications of that would result in them no longer being able to pay.

      • I have read it. Doc has come with a good proposal on how to verify users and penalties for those who break the rules.
        Everyone should become a verified user. I am writing on multiple sites whereby once a person is registered, they are free to publish their most without any moderation. Waiting for three days makes many of us to become tired of posting or becoming very active on the site.

  5. I do not get a response but see action on what I have talked about being taken. I would still want them to get back to me

    About verified users I think that could be done away with and all moderated.
    The daily update looks weird to me. Sometimes it increases and sometimes it goes down the same day but alteast we know the total

    The quiz template needs a look over. It is a great task putting it right.

  6. Best of luck for a response, I also think a great help would be to have a Top of the Week kind of spot where at the end of each week the best or most read of writers is highlighted so everyone can got to Top of the Week and see who got on there and if they got on themselves so that the incentive to progress is there.


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