Dating Site – 6

Nora Linton, having come home from another bad date, switched on her computer.  She went to a new message board and saw the banner ad.

“Bad Dating Experience? Try Perfect Partner.”

Why not? She thinks. I can add to the comedy/misery.

Expecting a pile of questions, then a demand for money, she jumped on, knowing  she wasn’t paying a single cent… I mean, hey!  Why pay for a bad time when she was getting them for free?

Interestingly, Perfect Partner didn’t ask for VISA or Mastercard or have the usual four screens demanding she spill her guts.

It asked;  “What do you want?”  and instead of boxes to tick, there was a  blank space.

Hmmm, she thought, does this mean someone will actually read what I write?

“I want a reasonably attractive man who is intelligent, sensitive, generous, open,  good listener, with a sense of humour, who is looking for a real relationship.””

She assumed most women typed the same, and when she punched ‘enter’, expected to get the latest crop of losers.  She didn’t.  She was asked what hair colour, eye colour, height and weight she preferred.  Did this mean they had a battalion of perfect men needing to be sorted?   She laughed and typed in her ‘perfect’ man.

Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Six Feet Tall and about One hundred and eighty pounds.  She chucked, thinking she might as well ask for private planes and super powers.

Suddenly there were four different photographs, each man attractive in a different way.

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Written by jaylar

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