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Nora had an easy pregnancy and gave birth to her second son, George, with very little pain. Just like his older brother, he was sleeping through the night at the age of 19 days.

Trevor looked at her gently, “You see?  This is the effect of a full time Mommy and a Daddy who devotes all spare seconds to raising a child.”

Still, Nora felt her children were very brilliant, too brilliant. They seemed to be so much older than they looked. They seemed to understand her words, her emotions.

She wondered if it was her exposure to ‘latch key’ children or those who roamed the street, which made her believe that her sons were extraordinary.

As Gabe, George was toilet trained at six months, and walking after a year.  His vocabulary was wider than a three year olds.

She thought of sending Gabe to Play School to associate with other children but Trevor was against it. He said she should stay with them to imbue that sense of security so many children don’t have.

When George was one year of age, she found herself pregnant again, and this time knew what to expect; very little discomfort, and easy labour, and a perfect and brilliant child.


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