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Cyber Tips – Privacy – 4

Back in the early days, when we first enter the World Wide Web, we created a lot of different email accounts.  Different accounts on different sites in different names.  

We linked each identity, each email account to specific sites we visited.   In this way, if something went off the rails, everything didn’t go.

By creating different accounts we kept our private lives private.

Our real email box was only stuff from our friends.  Our business was only business stuff.   Our play stuff was kept separate.

If we joined a dating site, well that was a different user and we only checked when we felt like it.

This was wise, although at the time we didn’t realise how wise it was.

Imagine joining a gaming site as Red Robin using an email account as RobinR@hotmail.com and getting sacks of mail from ‘hot Russian gals’ or Nigerian scammers, or “You have inherited…”

We didn’t need to open the email to know it was rubbish.  

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