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What is the curious story of the umbrella?

I was already thinking that people had left the umbrellas in Torrevieja. It’s very rare here. But I’m wrong in judgment. People keep umbrellas. I hope your article about the umbrella is interesting.

There is no household where there is no umbrella. For sunshine, rain – an ideal solution to any climatic problem. But how did the umbrella appear and how did it enter our everyday life?

The story reads that 4,000 years ago the umbrella was first mastered in China and Egypt. In both countries the boxing accessory appeared as a symbol of power and superiority. The umbrella had only emperors, pharaohs, kings.

The umbrella of the emperor in China symbolized the power and patronage of the nation, its color was yellow, and the form unconventional. The accessories of the other clerks in his administration differ in color and size.

Nowadays a variety of umbrellas can be found.

One of the legends about exactly how the umbrella has appeared and impresses and creates curiosity today. She tells how a little boy was saved from heavy rain, hiding under a lotus lotus leaf. This is where the idea came about how people can protect themselves from the rain.

Another legend, which many believe is more reliable, because of a series of written chronicles about it, says that the beautiful wife of a famous Chinese carpenter every day brought him lunch. But when it dipped, the dishes were soaking. So the carpenter built several pavilions along the way so that his wife and other people walking along the same route can protect themselves from the rain.

“How nice it will be if I have a pavilion that I can bring with me.”, Who once touched the master’s wife and gave him the idea of creating the first umbrella.

Nowadays, the umbrella of a social status symbol has become a need that few people neglect when outside weather is rainy.


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Written by lacho59