A Crazy Meeting – Part III

Sean Pine was an actor who appeared in a drama, a science fiction drama, many years ago.

Lorraine had come in from work, turned on the television, sat down to relax for a few moments, and caught the first episode of a re run. She was fascinated by a particular actor. How he looked, how he behaved. She got his name after the show had ended, and looked him up on the Internet.

His name was Sean Pine. He had a very slim filmography, which she thought rather shocking as he was so commanding and attractive in the show. She had assumed he was ‘somebody’, but he was nobody.

Surprised, she went back to a search and found a message board devoted to him, and  because he had intrigued her, because she wanted to know how it was possible for someone to be so compelling yet be a failure, she, joined.


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Written by jaylar

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