A Crazy Journey – Part 8

For the entire ride the women, the fans of Sean Pine, kept up a constant babble.They were annoying the other passengers, but didn’t care. For them, this traveling to a conference, this chance to see their beloved actor  was the centre of their empty lives.

Perhaps if the actor was well known, popular,  it would be understandable. But he was virtually unknown. Had this brief moment of fame on a Sci-Fi show that went off the air, years before she saw the first episode.

She watched these women, amazed.

Lorraine was fifty years old, these women were in her age group, yet acted like teenagers. Having adopted the guise of the  ‘Quiet One’ she kept a pleasant look on her face, only spoke when spoken to, using a minimum of words. As most of these women wanted to be seen, as most wanted the other passengers to think they were somehow associated with Sean Pine, they wouldn’t notice anything but themselves.

There were only seven of them, but they made more noise than seventy.

Eventually the people complained and the women argued. When the Driver threatened to call this in, to stop the bus and have them tossed off, they lay back and were quiet, some slept.

Lorraine would sleep if she could for she was tired, but also, wanted to see where she was going,

Finally the bus arrived, they got off, and began to trudge to where the Con would be. This was to get info and if any kind of admission could be paid for in advance, they would, to insure they got in.

In a way, Lorraine was embarrassed to be seen with these women, yet in another way she  told herself it was a second childhood.


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Written by jaylar

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