A Crazy Journey – Part 7

It struck Lorraine odd that a woman, her age, would be acting like a fifteen year old, but then, that might be the ‘norm’ for those who attend these type of functions. A Con… a conference on a silly science fiction program where never were actors would be getting their fifteen minutes of fame.

Because she was feeling silly, “Yo!” Lorraine shouted.  She shouted as if she were fourteen years old, and the woman waved at her and then set about disrupting the seating so that they could all sit together.

As a normal person would assume these were escaped nut jobs, the passengers moved, and so three rows at the back were now Con Territory.

They asked her name, “I’m Tendi…”  she said. That was the name she had on the message board. Tendi had been a character on the show who had gotten killed rather early.

The others gave their nicks and then started gushing about Sean.

Some had been to other Cons to see him. They gushed about how beautiful he was in real life, and babbled as if they had lunch with him; or slept with him.

She was quiet. She decided to adopt the pose of the ‘Quiet One’, because to Lorraine, these women were part of the show.


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Written by jaylar

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