A Crazy Journey – Part 5

Lorraine, having decided to do an absolutely crazy thing; attend a Sci-Fi conference in a city far away, went over her options.

The best choice was to fly to a particular city, then take a bus for the remaining few miles. This would save a nice chunk of money. To take the bus from here to there would be about 30 hours and that was far too much. Six hours on a bus was her limit.

Lorraine would fly down a day early and  booked a room in a nearby motel. There were three others closer but the price had been jacked, so she selected one which was about a quarter mile away which was much cheaper.

The walk would give her a chance to see the city, and she assume a few of the Con attenders would also be staying there.

The Hotel where the Con was being held should be expensive and jam packed, so she didn’t even think of  trying to get a room there. Further, she wanted some ‘off time’ as she expected the women to be more nutty in real life than on the message board.

What was so exciting is that she had never done anything like this before. She didn’t travel save to go from her house to the airport, fly, from the airport to one of her son’s houses.  She felt like an adventurer, going to climb a mountain, or exploring a rain forest.

She would never tell anyone where she went and why, this was just for her.

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